Let The Truth Be Told Vol 5 Antoinette Davis

Let The Truth Be told Vol 5

by Antoinette Davis

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We left off in Vol 4 with a new addition to the Ellison family, Constance Ellison. Hold on tight because she did not come in peace she came to take down her half siblings with the help of an unlikely source. Constance is refusing to let go of the thought that her father left her an inheritance and her extended family took it and she will stop at nothing to get it back. While she is waiting to get to the inheritance she finds herself going broke now that Michael has cut her off and out of his life. In a desperate attempt to get money Constance devises a plan to supplement her income that will have her rolling in dough.
There’s new gaming in town and Cynthia Ellison has fallen victim to a gambling addiction, however Cynthia’s struggles is the least of the Ellison family issues as they will soon see. Sandra is back in CJ’s life and she’s not making her home coming easy for him.
The Ellison family and their extended family will be hit hard and their faith will be tested unmeasurably all the way to the Pulpit.
Charles Ellison may be dead but the sins of his past are bringing his family to the brink of death.




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Let The Truth Be told Vol 5 Antoinette Davis











Antoinette Davis


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